The #1 English as a Second Language (ESL) Program for Leaders

How to have difficult conversations in English

Mastering the fine art of conversation in English when it’s your second language


What’s the number one reason you want to learn English?


That’s right. When you’re studying English, the most important outcome you want from your studies is the ability to communicate with other English speakers effectively and clearly on any subject.

Yet despite this overriding need to be able to converse, most courses focus on giving you the basic building blocks of grammar without supporting you in adapting these to a number of different situations. It’s great being able to ask your way to the post office when you’re a tourist in a foreign country, but when you want to work in an English speaking country, or would like to communicate with co-workers and employees about anything and everything, those basic phrases aren’t going to get you very far.

That’s why we’ve designed our ESL course to make it easy for you to have confidence in your English abilities so that you can discuss any subject you need.

Our course is perfect for anyone who:

  • Needs to coach English-speaking employees or co-workers
  • Wants to communicate with employees or co-workers who speak English
  • Wants to improve their relationships with English-speaking employees or co-workers
  • Wants to work in an English-speaking country
  • Has a basic understanding of English but wants to take it to the next level
  • Has strong reading and writing skills but struggles with the spoken word

Once you’ve completed our course, you’ll have the skills, vocabulary and confidence you need to be able to converse with anyone, regardless of the topic of conversation.

Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to express yourself clearly and simply
  • How to listen so that you know you understand what the other person is saying
  • How to avoid the most common pronunciation errors so you can be certain people understand what you’re saying
  • How to focus on the most frequently used grammar tenses, so you can start communicating quickly and effectively
  • How to master frequently used slang, idioms, pop culture expressions and peculiarly English phrases
  • How to learn industry-specific terms to remove any misunderstandings
  • How to improve your overall English language skills, so that you can feel confident in a wide range of difficult situations and scenarios

For more information about our ESL course and to learn how you can have the fluency to participate in difficult conversations, get in touch today.

Leadership ESL gives you the tools to lead English speaking team members to exceed performance targets year after year.

Dr. Dan Neundorf worked with my sales team and helped them to connect with our customers. We now have the ability to tailor our conversations to each physician and by so doing increasing the impact of the interaction. Our team now has stronger relationships and most importantly, we can close more sales. My team was already high performing and this workshop make each rep even more effective.

Craig Smith

Associate Sales Director

Dr. Dan Neundorf has worked with both myself and my team for several years. As my Executive Coach, he understands what it takes to be successful in the today’s Pharmaceutical industry. He is able to support me through a systematic and planful approach to my development. He understands the critical success factors of our organization, our competency model and importantly, the complex Pharma industry. I am a stronger and more successful leader as a result of his coaching. As a Team Optimization expert, he carefully guides my team to grow and develop while focusing on what is important for our organization. His dynamic and engaging presentation style keeps us motivated and energized as we remain high performing in an industry that is constantly in flux and the pace of change in accelerating. Having a partner in Team Development was one of the best decisions I have made for our team and its success.

Graham Watson

Regional Sales Manager

Dr. Dan Neundorf created and taught a leadership program for our company that captured the minds and hearts of the people that went through it. The program has had an incredibly positive impact on the performance culture of our organization. The value of the program to the company and our employees is immeasurable. It allows us to attract, develop and sustain top talent. Students of this program are grateful for the investment that is made in them and become more committed to their own success as leaders as well as the success of the company. An awareness is created on how the different departments fit together which allow for strategies to be developed that are highly customer centric and create the ability to leverage knowledge and success from throughout the organization. Dan’s program is a unique program that has a rate of return that most other leadership programs and companies could only hope for.

Nita Arora

Regional Head, Country Clinical Operations, North America

Dr. Dan Neundorf has worked with my team on several occasions. He consistently gets the highest marks possible for content, delivery and follow-up. My team always wants him to return for the next training session. He builds great rapport and huge trust with every team member and his teaching leads to higher levels of performance. And we have fun every time. We have booked Dan for our June offsite. I know it will be remarkable again.

Patrick Mongrolle

Operational Finance & Group Controller

I know Dr. Dan in two capacities. One is as a coach and the other is as a team trainer. As a coach, he offers great insights into what drives human behaviour and the psychological aspects of influence. Each time we speak, I gain strategies to advance projects where I need to influence key stakeholders. I have been in the Pharmaceutical industry in both Marketing and Sales and Dan knows the industry in both capacities at an expert level. He also provides a leadership role in developing my team. Based on our core challenges, Dan will provide relevant exercises to develop and create actionable strategies to support the team’s success and performance. My team is recognized company-wide as high performing and consistently gets feedback from cross functional stakeholders that our performance is well known. Dan’s extensive knowledge has meant we can tackle a wide array of organizational challenges and drive the right change for our team and organization.

Peter Enright

Sr Product Manager

I have worked with Dr. Dan Neundorf for 3 years. We have had great discussions on a wide variety of subjects, including career, training and development, coaching and instructional design. His level of knowledge in the Life Sciences is at an expert level. He also understands how to develop a Life Science Professional to become very high performing. I look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Neundorf as I get much value at every interaction.

Aiman Naseer

Training Coordinator

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