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Leadership ESL gives you the tools to lead English speaking team members to exceed performance targets year after year.

Dr. Dan Neundorf worked with my sales team and helped them to connect with our customers. We now have the ability to tailor our conversations to each physician and by so doing increasing the impact of the interaction. Our team now has stronger relationships and most importantly, we can close more sales. My team was already high performing and this workshop make each rep even more effective.

Craig Smith

Associate Sales Director

I know Dr. Dan in two capacities. One is as a coach and the other is as a team trainer. As a coach, he offers great insights into what drives human behaviour and the psychological aspects of influence. Each time we speak, I gain strategies to advance projects where I need to influence key stakeholders. I have been in the Pharmaceutical industry in both Marketing and Sales and Dan knows the industry in both capacities at an expert level. He also provides a leadership role in developing my team. Based on our core challenges, Dan will provide relevant exercises to develop and create actionable strategies to support the team’s success and performance. My team is recognized company-wide as high performing and consistently gets feedback from cross functional stakeholders that our performance is well known. Dan’s extensive knowledge has meant we can tackle a wide array of organizational challenges and drive the right change for our team and organization.

Peter Enright

Sr Product Manager

Dr. Dan Neundorf has worked with my team on several occasions. He consistently gets the highest marks possible for content, delivery and follow-up. My team always wants him to return for the next training session. He builds great rapport and huge trust with every team member and his teaching leads to higher levels of performance. And we have fun every time. We have booked Dan for our June offsite. I know it will be remarkable again.

Patrick Mongrolle

Operational Finance & Group Controller

I have had the pleasure of working with Dan on multiple occasions; team workshops as well as leadership coaching. Time and time again, I have been impressed with his ability to quickly read and understand different personalities. He has a profound gift for understanding both people and multifaceted organizations. His depth of knowledge into personalities and how people think and will react is very impressive. Dan’s advice is sage and is a perfect match for his enthusiastic approach to coaching. I have found Dan to be extremely flexible whenever his support has been needed outside of pre-scheduled meetings. I have developed a deep level of trust with Dan and respect his counsel. He has a wealth of knowledge and he’s truly gifted in bringing clarity to a situation. Dan’s impact has been profound and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Nav Coelho

Head of Study Team Support

We made the decision to outsource our training and development and leadership development to Dr. Dan Neundorf. Dan is an expert in what it takes for individuals to reach the highest levels of performance. His choices for curriculum are directly aligned with what our organization needs to be successful. The evaluations for his programs speak for themselves. They are superb. When Dan teaches programs for us, we are very pleased with the results. Consistent comments on his creative and engaging presentation style along with well researched and innovative content make him an invaluable resource to the Human Resources team and our entire organization. As a coach, Dan brings fresh perspectives and a substantial knowledge base that supports our employees in attaining their goals and a return on investment to our organization that gives us what we want – a competitive advantage.

Vanessa Federovich

VP, Human Resource & Corporate Services

I approached Dan to provide me with some personal coaching early on in my career and his personable and professional style of teacher and coach allowed me to understand myself and how I relate and create opportunities with others. Every time I interact with Dan I come away feeling refreshed, energized and motivated to do my job with more passion.’ I requested Dan to perform a workshop with my current team and the session was an interactive day of a-ha moments with a genuine interest in the room. We left with useful observational tools and techniques that could be used immediately in our day to day activities in business and at home.

Juliette Hum

Medical Science and Education Liaison

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